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What's wrong with JavaScript sort() function

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This year I decided to solve the famous Advent of Code Challenge in both Python and JavaScript. I’m also gonna be posting my solutions on my GitHub repository. And while solving today’s advent of code challenge, in javascript. I came across a weird behaviour of the sort() function in javascript. I was trying to sort an array of numbers, and I was using the sort function like this: const myArray = myArray. Read More...

No Collision Guarantee

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Designing No Collision Guarantee System. So for the past few days, I’ve been trying to build a distributed highly scalable, no collision guaranteed URL shortening service. The Architecture So if you pass in a long url called https://longurl.com, the backend will send you a short url that would be unique to each request, and the structure of the url would look something like: https://shorturl.com/[slug]. The slug is our main component, it should always be unique. Read More...

Visual Regression Testing of Ceph Dashboard

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This summer I worked with The Ceph Foundation under Google Summer Of Code ‘21 (GSoC) programme. Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. Students work with an open source organization on a 10 week programming project during their break from school. In this blog, I’ll share my journey of completing the project “Visual Regression Testing of Ceph Dashboard”. Read More...

Type Coercion In JavaScript

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This small blog was sparked by a post that I saw: There are many posts like the above on the internet, and almost all of them are because of this type coercion thingy. So in this blog, I’m gonna try to explain what type coercion is and what’s happening in that post 😉. What is type coercion? There are 6 primitive data types in JavaScript: undefined, Boolean, Number, String, BigInt and Symbol. Read More...

Node.js To The Moon 🚀

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Scaling your Node.js app like a boss Is Node even Node, if you’re not running a Node process on every CPU core of your machine 😁? So a little history: JavaScript was created out of the rapidly growing demand for dynamic content on the web, it was designed to do simple things like creating a colourful mouse trail or to validate forms. It was only in 2009 that Ryan Dahl, creator of Node. Read More...


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